Limited Registration: This is why Chief Imam is worried

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The National Chief Imam is worried over pockets of violence that have characterized the ongoing limited Voter Registration.

This was made known by Sheikh Armiyawo Shaibu, Spokesperson of the National Chief Imam.

According to him, the National Chief Imam has admonished all politicians to ensure that no blood is shed during this year and therefore, it comes as a shock to him that the limited voter registration is recording such incidents which serves as a prelude to what will happen on December 7.

“Not on one occasion, on several occasions, he has diminished politicians to make sure that in this year’s election no blood spills. And so therefore it is a matter of worry that even with this limited registration we will record such violence, not just mere violence but the use of machetes and spilling the blood of Ghanaian citizens.

It is not something that makes the Chief Imam comfortable and calm in his heart that all these politicians rush to his residence to show their loyalty and reverence to him in public that he makes these admonishments to them and that he will also live in his presence to see and hear that in the ongoing limited voters’ registration in a number of regions that we will witness such violence and where some Ghanaian citizens have been injured and some are still receiving treatment is a matter of worry and this should make us all sit up and anticipate what could happen December 2024 when the general elections will be conducted,” he said on Accra-based TV3.

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