A Plus Speaks Against Youth Culture of Insults on Social Media

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In a recent interview with Kumasi-based Hello FM, veteran musician A Plus (born Kwame Asare Obeng) expressed concern over the prevalent culture of insults among today’s youth on social media. Specifically, he was surprised by the level of disrespect shown towards both the President and the Asantehene.

As A Plus stated, “The President that governs us is our father so I always tell people that I have been seeing or hearing people insult our president but it’s not good at all. But I am not one to go about advising people, however, what I can’t do is rain insults on the president of this country.”

He went on to note that it was equally troubling to see insults directed towards the Asantehene, Otumfuor Osei Tutu. A Plus emphasized the importance of respect, particularly when it comes to figures such as the Asantehene, who represent traditional leadership and cultural values.

“It’s difficult for me to say that sometimes people even insult the Asantehene Otumfuor Osei Tutu and it baffles me to ask how those people were brought up. Apart from him being the Otumfuor, just try to compare his age to that of your father and me that’s not how I want to communicate,” he concluded on the show.

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A Plus’s comments serve as a reminder of the need for civility and respect in public discourse, particularly in the age of social media where insults and harassment have become all too common.







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