Limit Public opinion in award schemes to one person one vote – Kinaata suggests

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Multiple award-winning artiste, Kofi Kinaata has suggested that public opinion in award schemes should be limited to one person one vote.

During a one-on-one interview with Amansan Krakye on Cape Coast’s Property FM, he said allowing individuals to vote as many as they want will defeat the idea of public opinion.

He posited “In terms of voting to win awards I feel that the votes are one of the ways of knowing the opinion of the populace. It’s a way for the fans to contribute and determine whom they think deserves the award the most apart from what the board will also decide on.

“Meaning that winning the award is not only the decision of the board but here is the case where one person can vote as many as they want. So what shows that the many votes you had aren’t coming from just about 10 people who voted many times but if it’s restricted to one person one vote that’s it.

“It means that the votes are the opinion of different kinds of people and that’s my suggestion to show whoever wins is a legit opinion of a lot of people but not just a few who voted many times unrestricted,” he added.

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“From what exists right now it means that only five people can vote many times for you which might seem to be the opinion of the whole nation but in reality, it might just be some five people who voted many times for you to win the award.

“That’s why the board also has an opinion so if they see someone having as many votes from the public they can also determine that though the person had many votes they might not deserve the award but it should rather be given to another person so it’s a balance”.



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