Big English can’t buy land, but talent can buy everything.”

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Actor and comedian Lil Win is challenging the idea that being fluent in English is the main sign of intelligence and success. He says talent and hard work are more important.

In a recent interview on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz show in Accra, Lil Win shared his view. He said success comes from talent, not just knowing English well. He wants people to rethink how they see success and understand that language skills aren’t the only measure of potential.

Looking back on his path to fame, Lil Win highlighted that talent and dedication are what really lead to success.

He said, “English can’t buy land, but talent can buy everything.”

The actor, known for his unique way of speaking English, is now promoting his new film, “A Country Called Ghana,” which stars Nigeria’s Ramsey Nouah, Charles Awurum, and Victor Osuagwu, as well as Ghana’s Paa George.

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