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1. Respect.

2. Admiration.

3. Quality sex (in marriage). Some want quantity too (in marriage).

4. Quality food (in marriage).

5. Peace of mind.

6. Support.

7. Prayers.

8. Looking attractive and smart.

9. Honour.

10. Submission.


If you have these 10 keys. You will never experience marital crises. Your bliss is guaranteed. Men love women who have these keys, as in love them, fall madly in love with them.


In courtship, he will respect you for NOT giving him sex before marriage. It shows you are a lady of worth and value. Never give a man sex to keep him, he will lose his respect for you and go for a lady who has self worth and dignity and will never allow any man to mess her up. Even Some argue that ladies who fornicate with their partners still end up getting married to them. Trust, most times is lacking in such marriages, the men still end up cheating on their wives. If a man doesn’t fear God to stay off your pant before marriage, why would he fear you, a mere mortal, to keep off other women after marriage?


If you don’t respect yourself, no one will. Saying a big, fat NO! to premarital sex is one of the ways you show you have self dignity and self worth. Your husband will honour you and respect you for it!

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After saying all the NO in courtship, in marriage, say all the YES and have sex, puuuleeeaaze! Men like women who can flip, “devour”, do different styles and turn them around in bed… If you can enjoy sex as much as he does, he will totally adore you, pamper you and treat you like the queen you really are. There is no shame in marital sex, none at all. If you have not been enjoying sex with your man, you are a virgin or non virgin about to wed and wants to enjoy passionate, sweet love making in marriage, read “Sex…Sweet Sex!” It will boost your libido and every sexual experience will be a sweet, passionate, orgasm fikled encounter for you.


Show your man love and he will forever love you like no other.


Men are so sweet!


Permit him to shower his sweetness on you.


Be blessed!


© Seun Oladele.

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