You are fake celebrities- Angry Mc Yaa Yeboah attacks Hajia Bintu and Fella Makafui

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Media personality MC Yaa Yeboah has fired shots at Fella Makafui, and Hajia Bintu among other social media influencers following Medikal’s expose.

During a discussion on Neat FM, MC Yaa Yeboah labelled Fella Maakafui, and Hajia Bintu among others fake, claiming they are deceiving the public.

The media personality narrated how the tea intended to enlarge buttocks and breasts hurt her school daughter.

She said, “Can anybody show me which science makes the ass and breast fat by using these products because I have a school daughter who is suffering from an infection just because of these products?”

According to her, “You people will go and fix your bodies, go and pump fat into your breast and buttocks and you’ll come and sell tea that you imported from China to us? It saddens me that sometimes the FDA goes ahead to approve some of these drugs without doing due diligence. It’s not just Fella Makafui doing these things. There are a lot of them. These influencers have undergone surgery to advertise these products”.

She went on to mention names of known people who are fond of doing that, saying “The likes of Hajia Bintu and Chichi are all doing it. Are they all not liars? Are they not fake? And you call yourselves celebrities… Or you don’t know that as celebrities, people reference you as an authority in society. What is that? Why?”


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