Why Study? A Parable on the Purpose of Learning

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📚 Why Study? A Parable on the Purpose of Learning


👨‍🏫 “I have given you knowledge, but happiness everyone must find for themselves,” said the teacher to the graduating students.


😕 “Teacher, happiness always fades quickly,” someone objected.


😊 “There is one inexhaustible source of happiness in the world. Those who find it are happy all their lives,” replied the teacher.


👋 The students bid farewell and promised to return in three years to tell the teacher about their quests.


⏳ Time flew by.


📝 The first student didn’t return, only sending a letter to the teacher:


📬 “I have found the source of happiness—it’s power. I am successfully climbing the ladder of power and hope to reach its top step.”


📝 The second student also sent a note to the teacher: “The source of happiness is wealth.”


📝 The third student didn’t send anything, but it was told to the teacher that he became a strong warrior and left with the army to conquer another country. “Apparently, my student decided to conquer his happiness through force,” thought the teacher sadly.


🔄 Only the fourth student returned to the teacher and told him that he became a healer. “I traveled the Earth, healing people. People rejoiced and became happier. If you bring happiness to people, it will always be with you,” said the student.

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👨‍🎓 “You have understood the main thing, my student,” the teacher said joyfully. “The inexhaustible source of happiness is the desire to do good. The more a person draws from such a source, the happier they become.”





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