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They had finished making love.


Silence and calm had returned to their bedroom after moaning and the swinging of the bed.


He, her husband, held her so close.


He could feel her breathing.


Then she started crying.


“Honey what is wrong? Did I hurt you? I am sorry” the husband pleaded holding her tightly.


“No no no! These are tears of joy” said the wife with tears falling down her cheeks.


“Oh! I am that great in bed?” asked the cheeky husband.


She squeezed him with a hug and curled herself on him and said “You are great to me”


He kissed her forehead.


She passed her finger on his back and said, “In my past, sex brought me alot of pain. I have been used and abused and left feeling like a sex object, I have dated men who got tired of me and dumped me as soon as they got my body. Men who I thought they were making love to me, only to find out they were sexing other women, I wasn’t special. I got so used to thiking sex equals emotional pain and emptiness; and then you came along”

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He kissed her chin.


“You were not shy about finding me sexually attractive as you got to know me, but you made it clear that you are after more than just my body, you wanted to know me for who I am beyond my skin. Years later, here on our bed I feel loved. You have been gentle with me, you have taken care of me through the years, you’ve become my best friend. This is special to me as it is to you… You know me. I am naked before you; not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually too. It is so easy to be physically naked but it takes a special kind of love to be emotionally naked. I trust you with me, all these years, you have proven that I can let my guard down and let you love me”


“I love you” he said then kissed her.


“You are beautiful inside and out” he added.


“Look at you, turning me on again. Men think that what turns a woman on is the size of the penis, money, dirty words or a built body; but actually what turns a grown woman on is special treatment. Because you have shown me you are not just about sex but my well-being, I can’t help but find you sexy. You have made me so free with you that I am not ashamed of my sexuality, you have taught me secrets about my body as I learn me with you. Orgasm is sweetest when you are moaning for the man you not only love, but who also loves you”

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“I love pleasing you. I love making you smile” he told her, kissing her fingers.


“I am so horny right now” she said.


“Darling, but my Big Man is down right now, you already climaxed him. Give me like thirty minutes to get hard again, or you want me to go down on you?” he asked.


She said. “I am so horny for your embrace. Just hold me, you are man in whose arms I feel safe”


They held each other close till they slept. May you touch not only your spouse’s body, but more so, your spouse’s heart


© Dayan Masinde

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