Organisers of #DumsorMustStop vigil vow to challenge injunction application

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Organisers of the ‘#DumsorMustStop’ vigil say they will contest the injunction filed by the Ghana Police Service, which seeks to prevent their demonstration from proceeding.

The Ghana Police Service filed an injunction application at the High Court to halt the vigil, urging organisers to reconsider changing the venue of the protest.

The demonstration is scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 25, but is now in limbo.

In an interview with Citi News, Selorm Dramani Dzramado stated that the group is prepared to challenge the injunction in court.

“We will not accept any application by the police ex-parte. We will disregard it, and treat it with utter contempt. If the court respects and listens to them and the decision is taken,, you don’t really have a choice. But it’s good you said that it’s on notice. So you’re going to defend in court. You’re going to argue in court. That will be on 24th May. So it’s Friday.”

Actress Yvonne Nelson leads the vigil. She organised a similar action in 2015.

Yvonne Nelson and her team met with the Ghana Police Service days ago to notify the police of the intended protest as required by law.

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The police, after the meeting, opposed the route suggested by Yvonne Nelson’s team, claiming the proposed endpoint—Revolution Square—is close to the Jubilee House, which is a security zone

The police also raised concerns about the intent to end the protest at midnight.

The organisers of the protest, however, disagreed, explaining that the endpoint was far from the Jubilee House and there were no issues with the end time for the protest.

The police, in accordance with the dictates of the Public Order Act, filed an instant application on Tuesday, May 21, to halt the demonstration.

The case has been scheduled for a hearing on May 24, 2024.

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