Martin Amidu shouldn’t be the one seeking to get Special Prosecutor sacked – Domelevo

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Former Auditor-General Daniel Yaw Domelevo has said that former Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu should not have been the one petitioning the Office of the President for the removal of his successor Kissi Agyebeng as Special Prosecutor, explaining that Martin Amidu should have known that Kissi Agyebeng’s work does not make him a favorite at the Presidency so petitioning for his removal is like creating a favourable environment so that Kissi Agyebeng could easily be taken out.

Daniel Domelevo, who himself was hounded out of office, noted that the whole issue of how quickly the Presidency has forwarded Martin Amidu’s petition for Kissi Agyebeng’s removal to the Chief Justice when other petitions against some other persons were not forwarded is unfortunate.

“My only surprise is that this petition is coming from Hon. Martin Amidu I am not saying that he doesn’t have the right so to do. But if I were in his position, I will not participate in doing anything to remove my successor. That is my only reservation about it. And everyone including Hon. Martin Amidu should know that Kissi Agyebeng being at the forefront of fighting corruption will not be a favorite one at the Office of the President. So he just walked into a trap or created a favorable environment for the office of the President to expedite action.

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Otherwise more serious allegations were made against other people and the Presidency has not found it right to forward such allegations or petitions to the Chief Justice” Mr Domelevo said on TV 3’s Current Affairs show The Keypoints Saturday May 18, 2024.

He lamented that the selective manner in which the Presidency exercises its “conveyor belt” role with regards to petitions to it does not augur well for the country’s development.

“So this selective way of administering justice,I think, does not help our country. And I find the new development very very unfortunate,” he added.

Martin Amidu has petitioned the Presidency for the removal of Kissi Agyebeng as Special Prosecutor for, among others, procurement breaches.


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