Let’s Peace Prevailed During And After Polls…..As NCCE Warn Political Parties 

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Let’s Peace Prevailed During And After Polls…..As NCCE Warn Political Parties 


It’s high time political parties ensure peace during and after 2024 general elections that’s the only way Ghana can be a gateway to Africa.


The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Pusiga District has organized an Inter-Party Dialogue Committee meeting (IPDC) on PCVE held at the District Assembly Conference Hall.


Speaking at the inter-political dialogue Mr. Yakubu Seidu, the District Director for (NCCE), Pusiga, hinted that violent extremism and terrorism remains serious threat and challenging for democratic governance in districts, countries and sub-regions at large.


In recent times the menace of “Terrorism and other forms of violence including violent extremism have the potential to derail the democratic gains the country has made over the period.”

He added that As the country prepares for a very crucial election in less than a year, it becomes imperative that we take steps to prevent the use of the election activities and platforms to perpetuate violence either by internal or external forces.


He further made it known to the house that, Ghana haven’t achieved the successful conduct of presidential and parliamentary elections eight (8) times in succession culminating in peaceful transition and transfer of potential power from a ruling party to an opposition party in 2000, 2008 and 2016, calls for the avoidance of complacency in the face of all these threats.


Even though Ghana has continued to uphold the supremacy of the constitution, the rule of law, free vibrant and a liberalized media landscape and the promotion of democracy in general, the country cannot afford to lose guard at this crucial movement.

Conversely any setbacks or challenges to democracy in the District and in Ghana at large 2024 election could have a negative ripple effect, potentially emboldening anti-democratic force in the sub-region and African continent at large.



Therefore becomes critical for actions to be undertaken to address the rising threat of violent extremism that poses a significant threat to the stability and security of the district and the country at large especially as Pusiga shares boundaries with two major vulnerable countries (Bukina-Faso and Togo Republic) that faces violent extremism activities.

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“It is in the light of foreign that, the national commission for civic education (NCCE) in organizing IPDC meeting on peace, tolerance and countering violent extremism and vigilantism at the district level under the EU sponsorship, on (PCVE) programme to have a fair knowledge on; how to monitor youth and report threats and vulnerabilities to violent extremism, ways to detect youth radicalization and signs of recruitment and finally on mediation and resolution of local conflict” he observed.


According to him, the meeting aimed at undertaking peaceful consultative meetings and working with other stakeholders in overtaking violence and violent extremism, promoting peaceful co-existence and national cohesion which will enable all stakeholders to collaborate to effectively confront the menace through concertized efforts to combat VE threats before, during and after election 2024.


The representative for the Electoral Commission of the District Mr. Mustapha schooled the house on the electioneering processes for the year 2024 and how the electoral commission is readily prepared to conduct a free, fair and a transparent election.


He added that the various political parties should appoint intellectuals as their party agents and not muscular men at the various polling stations as agent for their respective parties.


The house was enlightened that the electoral commission would be given a 4 day to compile results and declare elections within the duration as and when the results are ready.



Opinion and traditional Leaders, Religious Leaders and the various Political Representatives pleaded with the electoral commission to be transparent and fair in the discharge of their duty to bring peace to our various constituencies and our country. The various religious groups kept on resounding peace, peace and peace.


The District Police Commander promised an excellent security deployment and a professional discharge of duty if there is co-operation among the civilians and the Police.

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He called on the electoral commission to do their work as expected of them and that will result to the co-operation he is referring to among his men and the civilians.


Mr. Listowell Aditwin Akologo who happens to be the guest speaker on the theme “PEACE, TOLERANCE AND COUNTERING VIOLENT EXTREMISM AND VIGILANTISM” aimed at undertaking peace building consultative meetings and working with other stakeholders in averting violent extremism, promoting peaceful co-existence and national cohesion examine these topic in four sub-topics:


The concept of peace, tolerance, vigilantism and violent extremism

Monitoring and reporting threats and vulnerabilities to violent extremism

Ways to detect youth radicalization and signs of recruitment; and

Mediation and resolution of local conflicts


Avoid the causes of conflict

Practice good governance

Accountable leadership at all levels Equitable distribution of resources

Picking early warning signals of conflicts and acting appropriately (Enaifoghe, 2018).


He entreated that as we enter into serious electioneering campaigns, he call on political party leaders and campaigners to conduct their campaigns with decorum and avoid the use of vulgar and intemperate language and not insult each other in the name of politics.


Furthermore he emphasizes that Ghanaians should remember that they have only one country called Ghana.


The price of conflicts is dire and no one should do anything that would jeopardize the peace and tranquility we enjoy today. ‘Elections would come and go, but Ghana remains forever.’


He also called on the Electoral Commission to try its best to conduct a free, fair, transparent and credible election. Your work must unite and not divide the country.


Again, he called on the security agencies to give off their professional best service to the country by ensuring that there’s peace before, during and after the elections and avoid biases and favoritism.


He ended by saying, ‘Do not take side with any party. Be on the side peace for Ghana.’

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