Engage Now Africa in collaboration with the law enforcement has rescued and reintegrated seven Nigerian girls at Osu a suburb of Accra.

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At a joint operation lead by Engage Now Africa and Law enforcement agencies has rescue seven Nigeria national who were brought in by some scrupulous persons in pretext of getting them white coloured job in Ghana but end up tracking them into a whole lot of things.

This lured with a beauty and massage job in Ghana Mavis and her other six colleagues were trafficked from Nigeria to Ghana on the 10TH December through an online recruitment platform on social media.
Upon arrival in Ghana according to Mavis, they were received by an agent of the trafficker and immediately taken to a rented apartment ,where they were kept and fed for almost two weeks without prior introduction to the job promised them, they were however happy because they were treated well, they said.

According to the survivors, they afterward had a meeting with the agent who told them their work would start in a few days, they said they were giving massage therapy training, and were told that their job has two faces i.e. internal and external massage therapy provision to male clients, they were admonished to do the bidding of the clients and should not in any way turn down their request, and that loyal cooperation will attract more money to their services.

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Some of the victims share their stories that they complained that in the course of their services, they were giving oral sex, and sexual intimacy to their clients, men booked their services both in their apartments and sometimes outside in hotels, guest houses, and homes who sleep with them and make payment to their boss (the trafficker) who in turn gives them 30 percent of their daily individual bookings.

Further stated that they were also given unidentified medications to make them remain sexually appetizing.

Engage Now Africa ( ENA) however, received an Intel from a health facility in Accra (Maternity Center) where the girls had gone to receive family planning injection at the family reproductive center at the hospital and by a miraculous encounter with a nurse having found out that they were Nigerians and previous knowledge of ENA trafficking sensitization peruse and found out that, they were trafficked victims trapped in sexual exploitation, who quickly gather the necessary information of their hideout in Osu and later called Helpline which led to the team and law enforcement to rescue at their apartment .

The trafficker and the agent are on the run, the Police with ENA’s assistance are still investigating the case and making contact tracing to arrest the trafficker and the agent for more investigation.

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The victims are currently repatriation and reintegration back into Nigeria.

ENA team are planning to meet the Nigeria embassy for possible collaboration to combat trafficking and other related issues.

Meanwhile speaking to Mr Afasi Komla , he said human trafficking is a public health issue and slavery is closer than we think…..we can do something to combat modern slavery . Start by creating awareness and join the fight to end modern slavery.

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