Dumsor Must Stop Vigil is today – Yvonne Nelson announces

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Actress Yvonne Nelson has insisted that today is the Dumsor Must Stop Vigil Day.

In a post shared via social media, the actress said even though she is not healthy, she will avail herself for the exercise to register home her displeasure at the intermittent power supply.

She says she is leading the vigil for her children born and unborn to ensure that leaders do not take them for granted and provide them with all that is needed.

Unlike the last time the vigil generated conversations online, Ghanaians seem indifferent about the vigil because the situation has improved over the months.

In a tweet, the actress said “My Health hasn’t been 100%,but i will still walk from legon down to tetteh quarshie in protest of a better GH for my kids and their kids.Even if it’s just me,5 of us,20 or a 1000.I will still walk.We don’t deserve bad governance coupled with lies and arrogance.#dumsormuststop“.

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