Criss Waddle will forever be my boss – Rapper Medikal

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Award-winning Ghanaian rapper Medikal born Samuel Adu Frimpong says billionaire Criss Waddle will forever be his boss and Godfather no matter how successful he becomes in the music industry.

“Waddle will forever be my boss… he will forever be my Godfather”, rapper Medikal has said.

According to Medikal, had it not been the help he go from Criss Waddle by bringing him to the music business, he (Medikal) would have been nobody, hence there is no reason he is going to disregard him.

“Waddle introduced me to the game, if not waddle I would not be sitting here”, Medikal said.

“No matter how bigger I will become if let’s say tomorrow I become bigger than drake, or Michael Jackson, Waddle will forever be my boss because he is the one who puts me on, he introduced me to the game”, Medikal told Fiifi Prat in a humble manner on Kingdom FM in an interview.

Medial revealed that, just as his boss Criss Waddle introduced him to the game, the Don, Shatta Wale has also thought him a lot of things he didn’t know in the industry.

“Criss Waddle will forever be my Godfather; same way One Don (Shatta Wale) to is teaching me a lot of things”, he added.

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