Counselor Abeiku Okai writes:

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Counselor Abeiku Okai writes:

✓ Marriage and Ministry works when couples stand behind each other, facing the opposite and being the ‘back eyes’ for each other.


✓Couples must always complement each other and never compete. In fact, they must compliment more than they complain, magnifying the little good rather than standing on obvious differences to make mountains out of molehills.


✓In spiritual warfare, there are no spiritual weapons or shields to protect the back. I believe it’s probably because we are all the keepers and watchers of each other’s back. Consequently, couples who know this and stand in prayers and defense for each other will have their marriage blossoming.


✓Even when you may not always see your partner’s face or even stay together, you must always know and have the assurance that your partner is standing behind you, facing whatever challenge that comes from the opposite side of life. For you cannot see everything from the other side – hence your partner is your rear guide and trusted guard.


If this is not the cornerstone of your marriage, then you and your partner may need counseling.


Idi Yompo


Abeiku Okai

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