2nd Image graduates 122 students

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The 2nd Image International Skills College has graduated 122 students on its 22nd Congregation in Accra.

Out of the number, 42 graduated in Hair and Beauty Level 4, 29 in Beauty Specialist Diploma, 20 in Fashion and Design Level 4, eight in Hair Dressing Level 4 and seven in Body Therapy Level 4.


The rest are six in Body Massage Certificate, five in Beauty and Spa Level 5, four in Nail Technician Certificate, four in Hairdressing Certificate and four in Beauty Certificate Level 3.


Mr Clint Boa-Amponsem, Director of Administration, 2nd Image, said undoubtedly, the TVET system of education cultivated students to acquire knowledge, skills, and logic to enable them contribute their quota to nation-building.

Hence, the College, he said, laid emphasis on practical academic work and moral principles to guide students to be creative, good decision-makers, and to be relevant to the nation.


Mr Boa-Amponsem said people’s experiences in life reflected who they were and who they would become and also affected the perspective with which they dealt with situations.


‘‘… Therefore I urge you to reflect on the experiences you have had in 2nd image and never forget your alma mater. Today, as you go forth or you are being sent off to the world, we urge you not to disappoint your parents/guardians for sacrificing their time and resources for your growth and success,’’ he stated.

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Mrs Mawusi Nudekor Awity, the Director-General, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Service, in a speech read on her behalf, urged the graduates to adopt positive attitudes to overcome obstacles more easily.


She said positive attitude influenced people’s ability to progress and ultimately excel in their professional endeavours, and helped nurture remarkable advantages in life leading to increased satisfaction in their career and relationships.


The Director-General noted that TVET was widely recognised as having an important role to play in tackling the problem of youth unemployment.

She said as part of the TVET Transformational agenda, the Service was embarking on various activities to enable it have significant impact on youth employment outcomes in an era of rapidly evolving technology and globalisation.

They include the modernisation and retooling of TVET institutions, capacity building for teachers, massive recruitment of new teachers, emphasis on graduate tracer studies, strengthening linkages with industries, renewed emphasis on workplace experience learning and strong collaboration with Donor Partners.


The rest are emphasis on soft skills development to promote employability, increased female participation in leadership, implementation of gender responsive programmes (Male in Female dominated programmes and Female in Male dominated programmes), and involvement of private TVET providers in the activities of the Service.

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2nd Image International, accredited by the Commission for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (CTVET) and International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) is one of the best skills acquisition institutions in the country.

It was established in 1986 and started as a beauty and slimming clinic and has trained over 7000 students since its inception.

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